Why is that column so small? The things I wish I had known before creating digital models (but was too embarrassed to ask)

The Roman port of Pozzuoli has been represented in many ways throughout various periods in time – paintings, etchings, narratives. A digital visualization is another form of representation that can be added to the port’s repertoire of descriptions. The talk will look at some interesting aspects of the speaker’s Ph.D. thesis, namely Pozzuoli’s geography and archaeology. It will also undertake a critical assessment of some of the digital models, and in particular how they were built using the methodology principles set out by the London Charter: what worked, what did not work – and what the speaker wished she had known at the time.

Dr Elizabeth De Gaetano is a freelance archaeological illustrator. The talk is part of the Archaeology Society Malta lecture series, sponsored by APS Bank and will be held at the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage, 173, St Christopher Street, Valletta on Wednesday, 15 February at 6pm.