MAR Issue 7

Editor: Ms Patricia Camilleri


From the President – Patricia Camilleri

Society Report

Comino: historical and archaeological observations – Keith Buhagiar

Tobacco pipes from an underwater excavation at the quarantine harbour, Malta – John Wood

A fresh look at Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples – Katya Stroud

A possibly Christian burial of the late Roman period discovered in a quarry at Ta’ Sannat, Gozo – George Azzopardi

Le modèle architectural du Tarxien reconstitué par Ugolini: la solution? – Roger Le Chevretel

Archaeological discoveries at Marsa over the centuries – Timothy Gambin

Ognina: A puzzling prehistoric site in Sicily – David Trump

A view from the countryside: pollen from a field at Mistra Valley, Malta – Chris Hunt & Nicholas C. Vella


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