Scratching below the surface… excavating the Phoenician shipwreck off Gozo

After over ten years of exploring the surface of the Phoenician Shipwreck of Xlendi Bay, a team led by the University of Malta has planned and executed the world’s first archaeological excavation by divers at a depth of 110 meters. This talk covers aspects related to the logistical preparations prior to the diving, new methodologies used for scientific work at this depth as well as results that have emanated from the past two seasons of investigations.

Professor Timmy Gambin, Senior Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology in the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta, will be giving a lecture entitled Scratching below the surface…excavating the Phoenician shipwreck off Gozo on Wednesday 20 February 2019. The presentation is part of the lecture programme of The Archaeological Society Malta and will be held at 6 pm at the National Museum of Archaeology, Republic Street, Valletta.

Photo: University of Malta/J.Wood

Caption: Diving on the Xlendi wreck