Melite Civitas Romana Project – Year Zero

Mr David Cardona,Senior Curator for Phoenician, Romana and Medieval Sites, Heritage Malta, and Mr Robert Brown, Roman Archaeologist, directors of the Melite Civitas Romana Project will present ongoing research into the remains around the Roman Domus in Mdina. The presentation introduces the project and discusses the results of the 2019 Year Zero Season. The discussion will also indicate the direction of the project in its first field season in 2020.

A presentation entitled Melite Civitas Romana Project – Year Zero will be given on Wednesday 11 December 2019. The presentation is part of the lecture programme of The Archaeological Society Malta and will be held at 6 pm at the National Museum of Archaeology, Republic Street, Valletta.

Photo: Drone view of Roman Domus site
Photo credit: USF Index