Development proposed at a Prehistoric Site at Tas-Sruġ, Gozo

The Archaeological Society Malta is concerned about a proposed building development, to be decided in the coming weeks, which affects an early prehistoric site at Tas-Sruġ in Gozo. Observation of surface scatters and development-led archaeological investigation in 2002 had resulted in the discovery of mud brick walls, pottery and implements of the Għar Dalam phase as well as Żebbuġ and Ġgantija phase pottery. These date the site to the period from around 5000BC to 3100BC. Such sites are rare and important. An investigation of a similar discovery at Skorba (Malta) in the 1960s radically changed our early understanding of Maltese prehistory. Another comparable site, Taċ-Ċawla in Gozo, has recently been investigated as part of a multi-million E.U. funded project.

The Archaeological Society Malta notes that currently, during the processing of the application, a recommendation to refuse development on the site has been registered. The Society calls for the preservation and study of the remains of what is likely a prehistoric settlement at Tas-Sruġ.