A report on the magnetometer survey results off the north-eastern coast of Malta 2010-2014: Mellieħa Bay, Salina Bay, and St Paul’s Bay

By: Timmy Gambin, Douglas Gossage, Maja Sausmekat

In 2010 a magnetometer survey was conducted off the north-eastern coast of Malta, concentrating on Mellieħa and Salina bays. The aim was to identify potential target anomalies along the shoreline, with areas of interest marked in both bays. Ground-truthing surveys conducted by divers in Mellieħa Bay in 2011 and 2012 confirmed the presence of scattered cultural remains, and allowed for the re-identification of the so-called ‘Mortar Wreck’ site, first excavated by Honor Frost in 1967. A follow-up magnetometer survey was conducted in 2014 within the context of the University of Malta underwater field school, and consequently resulted in the exclusion of Salina Bay for further survey. The 2014 survey concentrated on Mellieħa bay and sought to further positively identify or reject potential anomalies first documented in the 2010 survey. The 2014 survey results revealed the possibility of substantial target anomalies within the bay.

Malta Archaeological Review 2021, issue 12, https://doi.org/10.46651/mar.2021.7
Received: 16 February 2021 | Accepted: 9 June 2021 | Published online: 6 October 2021