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The Society (VO/0195) was founded in 1993 and is concerned with all matters pertaining to archaeology. One of its principal objectives is to promote and enhance the study of archaeology at all levels. It is not a pressure group. It believes that it is only when there is a sufficient interest in, and understanding of, our archaeological heritage among the public at large, that this priceless heritage can be protected and preserved.

The Society organises meetings and seminars, some of which are open to the public, as well as site visits both in the Maltese Islands and abroad. It endeavours to maintain close relations with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, Heritage Malta and the Department of Classics and Archaeology of the University of Malta and to support the activities of all these. It also maintains a network of relations with archaeological societies and organisations abroad.

The Society publishes The Malta Archaeological Review, an annual peer-reviewed journal devoted to articles, reports, notes and reviews relating to current research on the archaeology of the Maltese Islands. The editorial board is ready to consider topics on areas of the Mediterranean of direct relevance to the Maltese Islands.

Submissions are invited in the following categories: Research articles and Reports (each max. 4000 words), Notes & News (max. 1000 words), and Reviews (max. 1000 words). Word limits include all text, tables, references, acknowledgements, and figure captions. Articles and Reports must reach the editor at the latest by 1 March each year. Notes & News and Reviews may be submitted later, with the agreement of the editor. Click here for a link to notes to contributors.

Intending contributors should consult the editor, Nicholas Vella, in advance of submission of material for publication in the Malta Archaeological Review.

You can read or download the statute by clicking here.

The Society is proud to be associated with APS Bank from whom it has received a three-year sponsorship. It is primarily intended to finance expenses related to the lecture programme and site visits, including the costs of bringing overseas speakers over to Malta, and expenses related to their stay. It will also help to defray expenses incurred in connection with the printing of the Malta Archaeological Review.

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